a fashion designer's journey through time

For RozeMerie Cuevas, designing was a predestination. A photograph of her late mother sitting behind a sewing machine inspired her to create pieces for herself throughout her teenage years in Vancouver. Realizing design could correspond to a professional career, RozeMerie enrolled at ESMOD and moved to Paris to study Design and Pattern Making. With passion, focus, determination and skill, she returned to Vancouver in 1986 with her future husband and business partner to create a line of women's "power suiting" and evening wear that set her apart: Jacqueline Conoir Collection. With the same insightful approach, RozeMerie introduced her second line JAC in 2012. JAC reflects RozeMerie's personal style: chic, contemporary, sensual and detail-oriented. By regularly traveling around the world and being fuelled by diverse cultural inspiration and creativity, RozeMerie developed a vision to launch the JAC brand on an international scale. Today, JAC has now opened over 100 boutiques across China and its future plans for expansion continues to grow at a rapid rate.





JAC emerged in Vancouver as a natural evolution from the Jacqueline Conoir label.  The hip woman's shift towards an edgier, urban aesthetic was reflected in RozeMerie's multifaceted lifestyle and stylistic spirit. Through travel, RozeMerie's passion bloomed and inspired her to develop the JAC label.


JAC collections embody values of confidence, free spirit and elegance. The designs are edgy yet timeless, embrace the woman's form with fabrics that flow and drape with ease. They are a collage of modern forms and shapes with a mix of luxurious and textured fabrics. 


RozeMerie through JAC invites women to project their confidence and speak their minds.  The JAC woman feels comfortable wearing the styles which reflect a carefree, love of life attitude. JAC dresses women who stand up for modernity: she wants to keep up without getting carried away...she wears JAC.